Senior Backend Engineer, Data Platform - Fintech

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Senior Backend Engineer, Data Platform - Fintech

Job description

Ascenda solutions make loyalty simple for financial institutions globally. Previously, these companies had to endure complex patchworks of third-party systems, mediocre user experiences, and 18-month implementation projects to deploy a competitive rewards program. We turn things upside down with loyalty solutions rooted in beautiful design, exceptional customer value, and rapid implementation.

The Loyalty Engine team builds and maintains a set of services that process million of bank transactions every single day via API or batch files provided by our financial institution customers, and accrue points into our secure points ledger. A super flexible business rules engine allows our customers to customize the loyalty program to their unique needs. More detailed information about our loyalty & campaign engine can be found here:

As a Senior Software Engineer on the Loyalty Engine team, you will:

  • Architect and develop the platform to support high volume of transactions (e.g. Tens of millions of transactions daily).
  • Plan out improvements to our business rules engine, enabling more flexibility in crafting rules to support the future needs of our platform.
  • Continuously improve the architecture of our data workflows to improve reliability, higher throughput and better observability.
  • Optimize performance and memory requirements of transactions processing in collaboration with the DevOps team.
  • Improve operational processes, monitoring and tooling with our Technology Operations team.
  • Work closely with our client-facing solution architects to solution implementations for our customers.
  • Scope, architect, plan and lead the implementation of new features in the product roadmap.


You are a good fit if:

  • You have a strong software engineering background, especially in large scale backend data processing systems.
  • You are familiar with event-oriented architectures and have used tools such as Kafka and AWS Kinesis.
  • You have experience building reliable, robust, and performant data processing pipelines.
  • You are familiar with ETL, workflow management and background processing tools such as Sidekiq and Airflow.
  • You have experience designing and fine tuning with SQL and NO SQL databases.
  • You have previous experience with Ruby. This would be a plus.