Lead Backend Engineer, Core Fintech Platform

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Lead Backend Engineer, Core Fintech Platform

Job description

Nice to meet you! We are Ascenda.

Job description

Ascenda solutions make loyalty simple for financial institutions globally. Previously, these companies had to endure complex patchworks of third-party systems, mediocre user experiences, and 18-month implementation projects to deploy a competitive rewards program. We turn things upside down with loyalty solutions rooted in beautiful design, exceptional customer value, and rapid implementation.

For this role, we are specifically hiring senior backend engineers to help us build & maintain our core authorizations services deployed to support our end to end loyalty ecosystem.
You’ll be working on multi-tenant IAM(Identity & Access Management) services deployed globally meant to serve & protect the transactions of our end to end APIs & users. You’ll be working on a high throughput system to help drive the best practices for securing & scaling our authorizations processes.


As Lead Engineer on the team, you will:

  • Scope, architect, and lead implementation of new features in the product roadmap

  • Work in cross-functional teams across the organization to architect features and set technical direction and build future roadmaps

  • Scale the application to support more concurrent sessions for customers around the world

  • Improve monitoring and observability to detect malicious attackers and track the health of the product

  • Build support for more identity providers,

  • Design a platform that can support new identity provider integrations easily

  • Enhance and build new APIs used both internally within Ascenda and externally by our customers

  • Serve as a role model for our engineers and employees and help to groom the next generation of tech leaders.

  • Build a great team: hire great, and coach and help them grow.

  • Work closely with members of our Engineering Leadership and Product Management on cross functional roadmaps and development plans

  • You will be helping design & build Libraries acting as daemons to secure downstream systems and tracing & classification features for Audit purposes

At Ascenda, we do not discriminate between Individual Contributors or Managers. For this role, we are open to experienced engineers with or without leadership experience and will allow you to develop your career freely, whether to grow more technical leadership or to take on more people management responsibilities.

You are a good fit if:

  • Have at least 3- 5 years of backend experience.

  • You have a strong technical background, especially in building and maintaining highly trafficked backend applications.

  • You have previously led the technical direction and roadmap for a large backend system.

  • You have a good understanding of concepts such as IAM, authorization, and authentications

  • You understand what it takes to build a good SaaS platform

  • Have solid knowledge of how web applications and backend services (e.g. APIs) work.

  • Experience working with authorizations systems or payment processors will be very helpful

  • Have solid knowledge over deployments & scaling applications

  • Be able to write good quality code supported by automated tests

  • Know how to debug, measure and optimise performance of application

  • Have strong experience in at least one back-end language (Ruby preferred, but not obligatory).

  • Be a team player, willing to help other developers and caring about the product you build

  • Have good communication skills,and are willing to learn new languages and technologies.

  • You understand what it takes to build a highly secure application and have applied those concepts in your past roles.

  • You enjoy working with cross-functional teams across the organization, and across multiple geographical locations

  • You have leadership experience, with engineers reporting to you. This would be a plus but not necessary.


  • Flexible working arrangements

  • Cross-functional networking

  • Performance-based rewards